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How to get onboarded on nphies integration





1. Seha Platform:

a. Login to

b. go to Dashboard/Organization

c. Find "Unified Health Record ID", for example: 100003000XXXXX

2. Registration:

a. Register in nphies(Click Here)

b. Register in nphies academy link(Click Here)

c. Register in unified portal (Unifed Portal)

d. Register/Login

e. When asks for nphies ID, use “Unified Health Record ID رقم السجل الصحي الموحد” from Seha platform from Step One.

f. When asks for System Vendor, Type “iCenna”

g. Submit

3. Once registration is approved, login to Nphies Unified Portal:

4. Fill out the following form:

a. Authorization Form (Authorization Form) notarized by chamber of commerce.

b. Upload the files to the followinglink : (Unifed Portal) .:

i. Authorization Form

ii. The authorization photo ID صورة الهوية الوطنية

c. You should receive Nphies confirmation by email and SMS:

5. Send email to

a. Attach the authorization form

b. Attach screenshots of nphies completion certificate.

Here is an example:
“Dear nphies Team,
We have fulfilled all the requirements related to nphies onboarding and we would like to get started with nphies integration with our vendor as followings:
Nphies ID: 100003000XXXXX)
Vendor name: iCenna
Attached is the Authorization Form
Also, I would like to confirm that we have complete nphies academy.
We look forward to hearing from you

6. Nphies will send the security connection pki file:

a. DigiCert One

b. Then you will receive final email with the link

7. iCenna will configure and test the connection

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