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Comprehensive Healthcare Software Solutions

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning For Your Business

Seamless Healthcare Management with NPHIS Connect

Streamline healthcare journeys with our Eligibility Check feature,reducing administrative burdens and effortlessly verifying insurance details.

Accelerate decision-making by automating approval workflows, optimizing efficiency in healthcare operations

Revolutionize healthcare management with NPHIS Connect, enhancing efficiency, patient care, and transforming operational approaches.

Revolutionize Healthcare Management with Our Cutting-Edge Solutions

Manage the company profile effortlessly to ensure accurate representation

Efficiently streamline service management, including consultations, for an enhanced patient experience

Optimize staff scheduling and ensure seamless operations with shift plan management for increased efficiency

Booking System Management

Effortless Patient Reception

Efficiently receive and organize your patients with our advanced booking system, accommodating seamless payments through insurance or in cash.

Insurance Eligibility Check

Experience a smooth journey with our integrated eligibility check feature, eliminating administrative hassles for both you and your patients.

Flexible Payment Solutions

Accept payments effortlessly through various channels, including MasterCard/Mada, cash, STCPay, or ApplePay, tailored to meet the diverse preferences of your patients.

Medical Record Management

Adherence to Top Healthcare Standards

Ensure full compliance with Saudi healthcare standards, including Saudi Healthcare Standards, NPHIES, and CHI integration, using our Medical Record Management software

Absher/Yaqeen Integration

Improve the medical registration process with the seamless integration of our software with Absher/Yaqeen, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

Effortless Patient Encounter and Medical History

Easily capture and securely manage patient encounters and medical histories, maintaining information in line with the highest Saudi healthcare standards.

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